The Will Cain Podcast

The Will Cain Podcast

Join FOX & Friends Weekend host Will Cain as he returns with his one of a kind style to the podcast platform. The Will Cain Podcast merges the worlds of news and sports, with a spotlight on listener interaction. Look for a double dose of Will each week on the FOX News Podcast Network.

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This week Will breaks down the importance of knowing all of the facts to every story.

A conversation with Clinical Professor at NYU Langone School of Medicine and FOX News Medical Contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel.

Will talks us through the week's biggest headlines, from the Omicron variant to notable celebrity criminal trials to College Football.

Will breaks down the biggest headlines in the news and sports on this Monday's episode. Listen now!

Will has a conversation with New York Times Best-selling author and journalist, Andy Ngo.

This week Will discusses two Thanksgiving staples: family and football. Listen now!

This week Will adds a few more stories to his line-up, and you'll definitely want to hear them. Listen now!

This week Will takes us inside the FOX Nation Patriot Awards with some of your FOX Nation favorites.

This week Will connects with one of his favorite authors, Matt Ridley to discuss his new book "Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19"

This week Will weighs in on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, COVID-19 mandates for Children 5-11, and his beloved Dallas Cowboys. Listen now!

Will connects with co-host of the #1 Dallas Cowboys podcast "Locked on Cowboys," Marcus Mosher. Listen NOW!