The Will Cain Podcast

The Will Cain Podcast

Join FOX & Friends Weekend host Will Cain as he returns with his one of a kind style to the podcast platform. The Will Cain Podcast merges the worlds of news and sports, with a spotlight on listener interaction. Catch Will three times each week on the FOX News Podcast Network.

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Story #1: Can we save free speech in the West? Story #2: Why Will is quitting Zyn, but not before he ranks the top ten flavors. Story #3: The top four debates headed into College Football's conference championship weekend.

Will is joined by Co-Host of FOX & Friends and Host of The Brian Kilmeade Show on FOX Talk, Brian Kilmeade for a historical deep dive into his new book, Teddy and Booker T: How Two American Icons Blazed a Path for Racial Equality. They discuss the consequences of the historic dinner between Teddy and Booker T, how, despite some of Roosevelt's faults that could be credited to him being a man of his time, he evolved on race, and why America is the most successful multicultural nation in the history of the world.

Who is Sam Altman?

Will shares favorite Thanksgiving traditions from his FOX & Friends Co-Hosts. With input from Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Carly Shimkus, Pete Hegseth, and Rachel Campos-Duffy, you get an inside look at FOX hosts’ favorite Thanksgiving meals, traditions, conversation topics, and football games, as well as what everyone is most thankful for.

Story #1: Elon Musk goes thermonuclear as he continues to pushback on free speech attacks. Story #2: The left continues their parade of lies. Georgia is Jim Crow 2.0. In Florida, it's illegal to say gay or teach African American history. And now, it’s illegal to be gay in public in Tennessee. Story #3: Chaos and game theory in College Football heading into rivalry and conference championship game weekends.

As the war in Israel is now over a month old, Will takes the listeners deep into the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in hopes of providing a complete understanding of how the world got to where it is today. In this installment, Will covers the events following the end of World War Two and the creation of the State of Israel up until the breakout of the Yom Kippur War.

Story #1: An attack on free speech by Republicans. Story #2: An arrest in the throat-slashing hockey death of Adam Johnson. Story #3: A fascinating and deep conversation from Israel with the New York Post's Douglas Murray.

Story #1: USA! USA! Former President Donald Trump arrival at the UFC. Story #2: The biggest indication of something being true is when the media labels it 'misinformation.' Story #3: A conversation with The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.

Story #1: Former President Donald Trump is trouncing President Joe Biden in a recent poll. Have the Democrats finally seen enough? Story #2: Israel, Ukraine, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. A conversation with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). Story #3: Responding to your feedback on how to fix a raccoon problem.

Story #1: The Rise Of The Neocon. Explaining former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's polling surge. Story #2: Should you care more about your family or all living things in the Universe? Story #3: A deep dive on the Michigan Football cheating scandal.

Story #1: The Texas Rangers are World Series Champions. But was Will's celebration video cringeworthy? Story #2: A eulogy for legendary College Basketball Coach Bob Knight with his former player and Assistant Coach Dan Dakich. Story #3: What would a 12-team College Football Playoff look like if it started today?