The Will Cain Podcast

The Will Cain Podcast

Join FOX & Friends Weekend host Will Cain as he returns with his one of a kind style to the podcast platform. The Will Cain Podcast merges the worlds of news and sports, with a spotlight on listener interaction. Catch Will three times each week on the FOX News Podcast Network.

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Story #1: War with China by 2025. Story #2: Eagles vs. Chiefs. Where Will was right, and where he was wrong. Story #3: A brutally honest conversation with Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL).

Story #1: Tragedy & Injustice in Memphis. Story #2: Novak Djokovic wins the Australian Open. Story #3: A conversation with the Host of First Take on ESPN, and author of the new book, Straight Shooter, Stephen A. Smith.

On this episode, Will sits down with Author and Podcaster Leonydus Johnson to discuss his new book, Raising Victims: The Pernicious Rise of Critical Race Theory. Johnson explains how he believes public schools are indoctrinating a generation of children to see themselves as either victims of systemic racial oppression or members of a wicked oppressor class. Plus, they look at potential solutions to dealing with the surge of "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" initiatives in American corporate and public life.

Story #1: President Joe Biden is the perfect Manchurian candidate for the deep state. Story #2: When in life, sports, or business do you trade in good for great? Story #3: The World Economic Forum is anti-human ft. Alex Epstein.

On this episode, Will sits down with former NFL Running Back and Heisman Winner, Ricky Williams, to discuss his football career, and how NIL will change College Football. Later, they discuss Ricky's new cannabis brand 'Highsman' and how he believes the correct usage can help people gain perspective on the world as well as deal with mental health issues.

Story #1: It always has been us versus them. Elite versus the people.Story #2: It's not enough to tolerate and support. You must wear the ribbon and celebrate LBTGQUIA.....BCDEFG.Story #3: Part 2 out of 4 of the Cowboys' Super Bowl run.

Story #1: It's Happening: The Cowboys run to the Super Bowl. Story #2: It's Happening: The move against President Biden. Story #3: It's Happening: The COVID truth with Dr. Drew.

On this episode, Will sits down with the Host of FOX Across America on FOX News Radio, Jimmy Faila, to discuss their recent trip to Nashville for New Year's Eve. Plus, Jimmy gives the listeners an inside perspective on the world of comedy.

Story #1: Breaking down the Special Counsel's investigation into President Biden's classified documents with Senior Fellow at the National Review Institute, Andy McCarthy. Story #2: Will's NFL Playoff Predictions. Story #3: Explaining what happened in Brazil and why it matters to Americans with Investigative Journalist Matthew Tyrmand.

Story #1: It's not hard to see the existential threat to America that is the illegal invasion of the southern border, unless you live in a highly curated 'Truman Show.' Story #2: A good guy with a gun killed a bad guy with a gun. Will our justice system turn him into a bad guy? Story #3: Georgia smokes TCU.

On this episode, Will sits down with the Director of the Tech Policy Center at The Heritage Foundation, Kara Frederick, who gives a detailed explanation of why the average American should be terrified of how the Chinese Communist Party is utilizing Tik Tok. She explains what information they are able to acess in your phone through the app, and how they are using it to advance their geopolitical interests. Plus, Frederick explains how the U.S. is sleepwalking towards a social credit score system.

Story #1: Trump for Speaker? Chaos! This is how democracy is supposed to work. Story #2: The war on football. Story #3: The anti-humanists: The people who hate humanity.