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Tyrus and Timpf

Tyrus and Timpf give their hot takes, explore weird headlines and share amusing stories.

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Tyrus and Kat embark on an arduous journey to a patriotic tree. They share some of their favorite childhood movies. Kat adds a new member to her All-Star team. Hot Topic: Find out why ducks have it better than chickens.

In this encore episode, Tyrus sits down with Aron Stevens, Trevor Murdoch, Kevin Kiley, and EC3 to discuss the "worker" handshake and the proper way to greet someone in the wrestling business.

Tyrus and Kat share their favorite holiday dishes. Kat reveals her after-Thanksgiving “carb-coction.” Tyrus and Kat discuss a bank robber who actually told the truth. *Hot Take* Tyrus has a bone to pick with people who hate cranberry sauce.

On this encore episode, Tyrus is joined by Kevin Kiley, EC3, and Aron Stevens, and they discuss the problem with interacting with "trolls" on Twitter.

On this encore episode, Kat and Tyrus discuss her status as a "half-veteran." 

In this encore episode, Tyrus is joined by Trevor Murdoch, Aron Stevens, EC3, and Kevin Kiley Jr. as they talk about Kevin’s recent eye surgery, Aron’s dating chronicles, and knowing when to ask personal questions.

- Tyrus and Kat break down a killer's life sentence - Kat wants to adopt a cat named “Quilty” - Tyrus shares an experience he had when he and his daughter were feeding birds. - *Hot Take* - Find out why Kat doesn’t think protein powder is “actually” protein.

Tyrus is joined by BLK Jeez, Aron Stevens, and Trevor Murdoch, as they discuss what Jeezy's first action will be now that his cancer has entered remission.

Tyrus and Kat use their legal skills to solve a Mother-Daughter court case.

Tyrus is joined by BLK Jeez, Aron Stevens, and Trevor Murdoch, as they discuss Jeez's potential return to in-ring action, and Aron shares some updates on his career as a manager in the NWA.

On this encore episode, Tyrus and Kat have an extra spooky episode in celebration of Halloween. 

Tyrus is joined by Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch to discuss the Israel-Hamas War.