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Tyrus and Timpf

Tyrus and Timpf give their hot takes, explore weird headlines and share amusing stories.

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On this episode, Tyrus sits down with Aron Stevens, Trevor Murdoch, and Kevin Kiley to dive deeper into Aron's so-called "retirement" and explain why managing wrestlers may not be his second calling. 

This week, Tyrus's daughter joins the podcast and critiques their performances.

On this episode, Tyrus sits down with Kevin Kiley, Trevor Murdoch, and special guest Michael Hutter (aka EC3) to discuss the locker room environment at NWA and getting "heat" in the wrestling business.

This week, Kat and Tyrus agree to leave room in your texts for imagination.

On the first episode since the NWA Championship match, Tyrus is joined by Trevor Murdoch, Kevin Kiley, Aron Stevens, and Robert Anthony (aka Egotistico Fantastico) to share their reactions to the match between Tyrus and Trevor.

This week, Tyrus sits down with Anchor on the FOX News Channel, Julie Banderas to chat about her new book, Fiona's Fantastical Fort, and how she hopes it will instill moral values in the children that read it.

This week, Tyrus revisits a conversation with friends Kevin Kiley, Trevor Murdoch, and Aron Stevens. The crew discusses how to handle fame in the wrestling business and the term "getting over".

This week, Tyrus sits down with District Attorney, Judge & Co-host of The Five Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss how she developed her great sense of humor, her long career as a prosecutor, and her time on the FOX News Channel.

On this episode, Tyrus is joined by Aron Stevens, Trevor Murdoch, Robert Anthony (AKA Egotistico Fantastico), and Kevin Kiley to share stories from life on the road while wrestling.

This week, Tyrus and Kat reveal what their Instagram explore pages consist of.

On this episode, Tyrus is joined by Trevor Murdoch, Aron Stevens, and Robert Anthony (AKA Egotistico Fantastico) to discuss the upcoming NWA World Heavyweight Championship match between Tyrus and Trevor.

This week, Tyrus and Kat debate what items they would trademark if given a chance.