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Tyrus and Timpf

Tyrus and Timpf give their hot takes, explore weird headlines and share amusing stories.

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This week, Tyrus hears about a man acting like a dog, a lost pigeon, and the science behind eating bugs.

After violent protests at the United States Capitol on Wednesday, Tyrus takes to the podcast to weigh in on America's political climate, the role of mainstream media and what the U.S. needs to do as a nation to begin to heal.

Tyrus & Kat reminisce about some of the best episodes of this crazy year and Kat cautions against thinking things will magically get better once it’s 2021.

This week, Tyrus and Kat flashback to a special song from last year's Christmas episode.

This week, Tyrus & Kat hear about a woman who suing her boyfriend for not marrying her, the best COVID-19 pick up lines, and a dating app for Otters.

This week, Tyrus & Kat host a special guest who shares her side of a major developing news story. Later, Kat gets an update on her favorite reptile.

This week, Tyrus hears about monoliths, a waitressed denied of her tip, and restrictions on support animals.

This week, Tyrus and Kat discuss cardboard cutouts, shipwrecks, and the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes in each state.

This week Tyrus & Kat are back together in the studio! They hear about one bold little girl's grave stone, speed dating on an air plane, and one man's fetish for a tree.

This week, Tyrus and Kat blow off steam about a potential second wave of COVID-19. They also hear about a couple charged with selling weed and one woman who had trouble with a wedding gown.

This week Tyrus & Kat discuss reality TV and a man trying to cook a chicken in a National Park.

This week, Tyrus and Kat discuss Kat's birthday, their favorite Halloween memories, and more!