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Tyrus and Timpf

Tyrus and Timpf is a weekly podcast featuring FOX Nation host, Tyrus and FOX News Contributor Kat Timpf. Tyrus and Timpf give their hot takes, explore weird headlines and share amusing stories.

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This week, Tyrus and Kat investigate black market pregnancy tests, Kat has Perogi problems and they take on the recent vaping issue.

This week, Tyrus and Kat discuss the strange antics from Hurrice Dorian, they try to solve the mysterious murder of a rodent and more!

This week, Tyrus and Kat give out some advice and talk about the price of dating, Tyrus has an update on Spike and more!

This week, Tyrus and Kat welcome special guest, Kat's dad and find out why Tyrus is leaving a note on a parked car!

This week, Tyrus and Kat are at odds over a viral video, find out what's giving Tyrus a tummy ache and more!

This week, Tyrus and Kat unveil a new villain, "The Toilet Paper Bandit," Tyrus explains why putting an octopus on your face is a bad idea and more!

This week, Tyrus and Kat welcome some podcast-crashers, weigh in on an unconventional relationship and more!

This week, Tyrus and Kat contemplate hyphenating their names and find out what "sarcastic breathing" is.

Tyrus & Kat discuss the possibility of "Meth Gators".Tyrus lashes out against a city's plan to rid homeless from a public park And Kat discusses the importance of holding in flatulence after committing a crime. And more!

Tyrus and Kat weigh in on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s call for equal pay, Tyrus is fed up with “clickbait culture” and more!

Tyrus and Kat welcome special guest Ingrid Rinck, Creator and Owner of Sensible Meals, find out what kind of tornado has Tyrus and Kat holding their noses and more!

Tyrus and Kat welcome special guest Annie Frey host of the Annie Frey show, Tyrus talks cheating Pokemon Go and Kat has to go 24 hours without vaping.

Tyrus and Kat declare there is no Bigfoot, they have something to say about emotional support insects and find out why they're talking about an "attack squirrel."

Tyrus shares how many ounces of steak he can eat at once.Kat reveals she’s used EasyMac as a chaser.Plus, what happens if you vape on an airline….and get caught.

Tyrus and Kat create their own scented candles inspired by cities around the country, what does Kat have a HUGE problem with? And more!

What is Kat describing as "cutie pies with wings"? Tyrus and Kat share how they deal with noisy neighbors and more!

Tyrus describes his ideal marriage, Tyrus and Kat talk about bathtubs and cleanliness and more!

Tyrus and Kat explain how to properly use emoji’s, Tyrus tries to end the show on a positive note, Kat disagrees and find out why Tyrus and Kat are changing out their censorship.

Kat and Tyrus dig into some pants-stuffing crimes. Someone’s been binge-ordering food on Seamless using Tyrus’s name. Kat shares words of wisdom for dealing with the authorities if you’re five.*Listener Poll* Would you rather be a chicken nugget peeler, or a poop museum curator?

Kat sings her way through the podcast. Tyrus shares his catfishing experience. Plus, the two debate what to do if you find $30,000. *Special Appearance* Cheens the cat comments on a poem written about him.

Tyrus is on a diet after last week's #PeepChallenge, Tyrus and Kat deal with an intruder in the studio and more!

Kat identifies as a 59-year-old "weathered soul," Tyrus suggests changing mascots for the podcast and more!

This week's episode took a weird turn. Listen and find out why!

Tyrus gets Knighted in the name of fashion, becoming Sir Tyrus. Tyrus and Kat listen to music for mosquitoes and more!

Tyrus and Kat figure out a way to get more free time on the show, Kat continues her streak of athletic feats and more!

Tyrus explains what he would do in a zombie apocalypse, find out who Tyrus and Kat are blaming for studio vandalism and more!

Tyrus, Kat and their team of Pterodactyl warriors run through some of the weirder stories of the last week. Plus Aron checks in from the road and Nora reads the latest dog poem.

Tyrus and Kat welcome special guest, former WWE Damien Sandow aka Aron Stevens, Kat’s got the sniffles again and more!

This week, Tyrus wants Kat to become a competitive eater, Tyrus discusses his new retirement plan and more!

Tyrus and Kat welcomes special guest Dr. Drew and he helps Tyrus with “new” Kat and more!

Tyrus and Kat reveal the results of the pterodactyl drawing contest, Kat recieves a special delivery during the podcast and more!

Special BONUS episode of Tyrus and Timpf on Valentines Day!

Tyrus and Kat discuss a crime of fashion, Tyrus thinks he's becoming more Libertarian thanks to Kat's influence, and they make the pterodactyl the official mascot of the podcast.

Tyrus and Kat debate who is more patriotic, they welcome special guest Nicole Arbour and more!

Tyrus and Kat can't believe there's such thing as an "emotional support alligator", Kat explains her "sick" new business venture and more!

Tyrus and Kat discuss her new GoFundMe idea, Tyrus talks about his Instagram Op-Ed and more!

Tyrus explains how a craving for bloomin' onion landed one woman in jail, Tyrus and Kat layout the criteria for participating in their dating show and more!

Kat explains why her phone makes for a great best friend, Tyrus shares his friendly sports rivalry with his old boss, Snoop Dogg and more!

Tyrus devises a strategy to help Kat get more Instagram followers, Kat shares texts from a disastrous date and more!

Tyrus and Kat welcome special guest and Kat's best friend, Digital Strategist at GQ Magazine Joel Pavelski, Tyrus explains why he relates to the Grinch and more!