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Tyrus and Timpf

Tyrus and Timpf give their hot takes, explore weird headlines and share amusing stories.

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Tyrus and Kat discuss plans for the future multi-marketing pyramid scheme that is the TNT podcast.

This week, Tyrus tries to add a bit of common sense to the subject of critical race theory.

Kat puts writer and comedian, Joe Machi, in the hot seat after he skipped his last appearance on the podcast. 

This week, Tyrus classifies himself as at least a C+ celebrity despite what random gym-goers have to say.

Tyrus goes solo and shares one of his biggest fears: bachelorette parties.

Tyrus & Kat find a last-minute story reader & hope there isn’t backlash from their producer, who may or may not be a demon.

Kat & Tyrus solve an intergalactic mystery and more.

Tyrus & Kat invite author, friend, and man of many hats, Dion Baia on the show. 

Tyrus is away this week, so comedian & writer Joe Machi tries to fill his size 15 shoes. 

Tyrus & Kat toss out their usual podcast format, and instead analyze their producer’s social media posts.

This week, Tyrus & Kat start a brand-new segment to throw their producer for a loop. 

This week, Tyrus and Kat talk all things murderers, geriatric fan groups, and more.