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Tyrus and Timpf

Tyrus and Timpf give their hot takes, explore weird headlines and share amusing stories.

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This week, Tyrus gives his full review of the new movie, "The Tragedy of Macbeth."

This week, Kat & Tyrus revisit some older stories.

On a Real Talk episode, Tyrus shares how he is managing the new COVID-19 variant.

This week, Kat looks back on some of the best episodes of Tyrus and Timpf from 2021.

This week, Kat & Tyrus reveal their favorite part about the holiday.

This week, Tyrus & Kat's producer shares her run-in with an infamous singer.

This week, Kat & Tyrus debate what is worse: showing their backside or pretending to be dumb.

This week, Kat & Tyrus pester their producer for gossip about her wedding day.

This week, Kat and Tyrus analyze an overly detailed Facebook status.

This week, Kat and Tyrus test the iPhone algorithm for nosiness. 

This week, Kat & Tyrus investigate as to why this disease has a specific nickname.

This week, Kat and Tyrus discuss how to stop influencers in the wild.