Kennedy Saves The World

The Kennedy Saves The World Podcast

Kennedy's podcast will be a personal journey through the ultimate prism: freedom.

With humor, logic and compassion Kennedy will tackle political pickles, cultural quagmires and parenting paradoxes with a spit-out-your coffee quick wit and unending curiosity.

There will be monologues, interviews with authors, politicians, MTV legends and Fox News compatriots that will joyfully probe in ways no other podcast would dare! Get on the K-Train.

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Kennedy applies her Libertarian ideals and her belief in freedom to discuss the continued violence, hypocrisy, and political divisiveness she believes the United States is facing.

This week, Kennedy is joined by Plant Medicine Expert, Shamanic Life Coach, and writer Kat Courtney, the Founder & CEO of AfterLife Coaching. They discuss the use of Ayahuasca and other psychedelic "plant medicines" for the use of healing depression, PTSD, and other mental ailments.

This week, Kennedy discusses the unrest and attack on the United States Capitol on Wednesday, the President's response to the 2020 presidential election, and more.

As this year draws to a close, Kennedy looks back at all the ways she has saved the world in 2020. Hear Kennedy's takes on extraterrestrials, the American drug crisis and holiday pandemic travel.

This week, Kennedy is joined by Dr. Tro Kalayjian and Dr. Brooke Goldner to compare and contrast the keto diet and a vegan diet. 

This week, Kennedy is joined by "Fox Across America" host Jimmy Failla. They share the best gifts to give your loved ones, the proper way to write drunk poems and how to conquer your Christmas quarantine body. 

This week, Kennedy discusses the prospect that humans are alone in the galaxy and the likelihood of the existence of extraterrestrial life.In this episode, she is joined by Senior Astronomer at the SETI institute, Dr. Seth Shostak. Together, they discuss why they believe the American people could handle the potential news that aliens exist and walk among us, why witness testimonies on alien sightings are often dismissed or easily debunked and the difficulties humankind would face in conflicts or peacemaking with extraterrestrials.

This week, Kennedy discusses how a change in perspective could help solve the problem with drugs in the United States. She discusses the problem with the United States focusing on the supply of drugs rather than the demand, how Oregon has chosen to follow the Portugal model of decriminalization and the many kinds of addictions that deserve our scrutiny, but also our compassion.

This week, Kennedy helps listeners "make a b-line for the family table." She kicks things off by expressing her distaste for "the triumvirate of over-governance, and then gives her top tips for safe and enjoyable air travel for those who have decided to fly this weekend.

In the face of all the restrictions and challenges COVID-19 has placed on senior citizens across the world, Kennedy reflects on the importance of making the most of our elderly years. Later, she is joined by social psychologist and sex researcher, David W. Wahl, Ph.D. 

This week, Kennedy shares her words of wisdom for a memorable Thanksgiving.

This week, Kennedy is joined by retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer and survivalist, Mykel Hawke to discuss the survivalism and the importance of being prepared.