Kennedy Saves The World

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The Kennedy Saves The World Podcast

Kennedy’s podcast will be a personal journey through the ultimate prism: freedom.

With humor, logic and compassion Kennedy will tackle political pickles, cultural quagmires and parenting paradoxes with a spit-out-your coffee quick wit and unending curiosity.

There will be monologues, interviews with authors, politicians, MTV legends and Fox News compatriots that will joyfully probe in ways no other podcast would dare! Get on the K-Train.

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Kennedy gives listeners multiple reasons as to why having children could still be the right choice, despite the unpredictable world that we live in today.

Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel Jack Maxwell shares details from his new television series, American Homecoming, where a team of carpenters and designers mobilize with military precision to renovate and remodel houses of vets across the country.

Kennedy tells listeners about her trip to the Pacific Northwest to attend the Washington Policy Center's Spokane Annual Dinner.

Congresswoman Boebert is that you?

On this edition of Kennedalia's (Mocktail) Happy Hour, our gal sits down with the Host of The Guy Benson Show and FOX News Contributor, Guy Benson & his husband Adam Wise.

Kennedy weighs in on the Delta Airlines flight this week that diverted to a Portuguese island due to a "mechanical issue with a backup oxygen system."

Former Special Forces Green Beret Daniel Fielding joins Kennedy to discuss his new book, The Asset Mindset: A Special Forces Perspective for Achieving Success.

Kennedy weighs in on a new bill passed by The California State Assembly, which if a parent in a custody arrangement doesn't affirm a child's chosen gender, that parent may lose custody of the child.

The Host of FOX Across America, Jimmy Failla, joins Kennedy to criticize President Joe Biden for being in Alaska, rather than attending memorial services in honor of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks.

On this edition of Kennedalia's (Mocktail) Happy Hour, our gal sits down with the Co-Host of FOX and Friends and Host of the Brian Kilmeade Show Brian Kilmeade to celebrate Kennedy's big day.

Kennedy tells listeners why she will be having a more low-key celebration this year, as opposed to last year's blowout in Greece.

Revolt TV Co-Founder, and former Head of Music Programming at MTV Andy Schuon rejoins Kennedy to discuss more about their glory days at MTV in the 90s.