Kennedy Saves The World

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The Kennedy Saves The World Podcast

Kennedy’s podcast will be a personal journey through the ultimate prism: freedom.

With humor, logic and compassion Kennedy will tackle political pickles, cultural quagmires and parenting paradoxes with a spit-out-your coffee quick wit and unending curiosity.

There will be monologues, interviews with authors, politicians, MTV legends and Fox News compatriots that will joyfully probe in ways no other podcast would dare! Get on the K-Train.

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On this episode, Kennedy addresses Marie Kondo's recent claim that her house is now messy, after the release of her book The Illustrated Guide to the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in 2011 urging readers to reduce clutter.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with FOX News Meteorologist Adam Klotz for a conversation about getting attacked on a New York City subway.

On this episode, Kennedy discusses the $5 million class action lawsuit against the company, Sazerac, the producer and manufacturer of the cinnamon whisky, Fireball.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with FOX News Senior Meteorologist and host of the Janice Dean Podcast, Janice Dean to discuss her new book, I Am the Storm.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with former NFL Running Back, Heisman winner, and medical cannabis advocate Ricky Williams for a conversation about his football career and cannabis lifestyle brand "Highsman."

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with FOX News Correspondent Laura Ingle to discuss the latest findings behind the tragic murders of four college students in Moscow, Idaho.

On this episode, Kennedy reviews a study where 2,000 adults were polled about things that disgust them in relationships, otherwise known as "icks."

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with the Director of Pediatric Cardiology at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, NY Dr. Sean Levchuck to discuss heart health amongst young athletes.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with Captain Sandy Yawn from Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean to discuss her new book, Be the Calm Or Be the Storm: Leadership Lessons from a Woman at the Helm.

On this special edition video episode of Kennedy Saves the World, Kennedy discusses where one of her signature styles originated.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with former Army Captain and Founder of The Dark Secret Place, Bryan Suits to discuss his unique view about the war on Ukraine based on his past war experience.

On this episode, Kennedy reminds listeners that New Year's Resolutions often set people up for failure.