Kennedy Saves The World

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The Kennedy Saves The World Podcast

Kennedy’s podcast will be a personal journey through the ultimate prism: freedom.

With humor, logic and compassion Kennedy will tackle political pickles, cultural quagmires and parenting paradoxes with a spit-out-your coffee quick wit and unending curiosity.

There will be monologues, interviews with authors, politicians, MTV legends and Fox News compatriots that will joyfully probe in ways no other podcast would dare! Get on the K-Train.

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On this episode, Kennedy weighs in on the Instagram video that Los Angelos Unified School District posted claiming you can "eat without guilt."

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with Real Pilates owner Alycea Ungaro to discuss the trending workout routine of Pilates.

This week, Kennedy revisits a conversation with the Founder of A Bar Above, Chris Tunstall.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with Ben Domenech to discuss Vice President Kamala Harris's recent 'word salad' on the security of the nation's Southern border.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with Actor and Stand-up Comedian Bill Bellamy to discuss how he navigates the world of comedy these days.

On this episode, Kennedy discusses a recent study from the University of Georgia studying people's moods at work and their correlation to burnout.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with British Historian and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Society of Arts, Dominic Green to discuss the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

On this episode, Kennedy reflects on her past 50 years of life and offers listeners her best life advice. She later shares how she plans to celebrate the big day this year.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with Senior Editor at Reason and Author of Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump Robby Soave to discuss the decline in college and university enrollment amongst males.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with marathon runner and author of Becoming Forrest, Rob Pope to discuss how became the real live Forrest Gump.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with FOX Business Anchor Dagen McDowell to discuss what advice she would give to her fourteen-year-old self.

This week, Kennedy revisits a conversation with the co-Founder of Combat Flip Flops Matthew Griffin on the 2021 re-emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul.