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FOX Top 5

FOX Top 5 will be sitting down with FOX News talent as they give us their Top 5. From greatest presidential quotes to favorite family traditions to guilty pleasures –  join your favorite FOX News anchors, reporters, and personalities every week as they pair up to share their top five lists on a wide range of topics.

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Who are your Top 5 football greatest football teams of all time?

This week, we revisit a conversation between Host of Fox & Friends First Todd Piro and Fox Nation Host and Host of the Getting Schooled podcast, Abby Hornacek, who share their top 5 favorite family traditions.

Host of Watch on Gutfeld! on FOX Nation, Tom Shillue, and host of FOX Across America on FOX News Radio, Jimmy Failla revisit their top 5 favorite comedians.

Brian Kilmeade and Tyrus revisit what they think are the top 5 greatest movies of all time.

We're revisiting Jimmy Failla and Matt Napolitano's list of the top 5 NCAA tournament Cinderellas.

This week Dana Perino and Trey Gowdy list their top 5 summer reads.

This week, we’re revisiting Host of Crimes Stories With Nancy Grace on Fox Nation, Nancy Grace’s curated list of the top 5 most shocking crimes.

This week, we're revisiting a conversation with the host of “The Guy Benson Show” on FOX News Radio, Guy Benson, and Head of Research for the Bustle Digital Group,  Jessica Tarlov, as they come together to share their top 5 fictional politicians.  

This week we're revisiting a conversation between, Fox & Friends First host Carley Shimkus and FOX Business Correspondent Susan Li as they share their top 5 TV reboots.

This week, co-host of America’s Newsroom and The Five, Dana Perino and co-host of Outnumbered on FOX News Channel, Emily Compagno, come together to share their top 5 life lessons.

This week, FOX News Meteorologist, Janice Dean, is joined by host of Watch on Gutfeld!, Tom Shillue, to share their top 5 songs to sing at karaoke.