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The Ben Domenech Podcast

Each week Ben Domenech offers his perspective on the latest news of the day. With a new episode available twice weekly, the program welcomes politicians, authors, musicians and journalists for engaging interviews that go beyond the day’s headlines.

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On this episode, Ben revisits a conversation with the Host of The Re-Education Podcast and a Fellow at the Clements Center for National Security at The University of Texas at Austin, Eli Lake. In a selection from Ben's time filling in as the host of The Guy Benson Show on FOX Talk, Ben and Eli discuss the current state of the China-Russia relationship, and how the world is at a crucial stage in what could determine the future of international order.

On this episode, Ben sits down with former CIA Director and Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, to discuss his new book, Never Give An Inch. Secretary Pompeo details why he believes China is the United States' greatest geopolitical threat. Plus, he outlines the importance of the work he did on Iranian and North Korean nuclear proliferation, as well as preventing Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine while President Trump was in office.

On this episode, Ben sits down with the Author of The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty who explains how the Biden Administration has worked hand in hand with tech companies to censor their political opponents.

On this episode, Ben sits down with The President of The Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts to discuss how the election of Speaker Kevin McCarthy finally came together, and what significant effects the new House Rules Committee changes will have on the House of Representatives' ability to govern.

On this episode, Ben sits down with FOX & Friends co-host and host of The Brian Kilmeade Show, Brian Kilmeade, to discuss where they believe the year 2023 will play out politically from the Speaker of the House elections, to who they believe may do better than expected in the 2024 presidential primaries, as well as what Republicans will do with their new narrow majority in Congress.

As Elon Musk's reign as CEO of Twitter dominates national headlines, Ben revisits a conversation with tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy to put the takeover into a larger context.

On this episode, Ben sits down with former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Tom Homan to discuss the current state of the Southern border crisis as the Title XLII pandemic-era border restrictions are set to be lifted later this week.

On this episode, Ben is joined by the Host of The Liz Wheeler Show, Liz Wheeler, to discuss the impact of the midterm elections on the conservative movement and the future of the party. Liz argues that Republicans have successfully won public opinion on critical cultural issues. However, she says that electoral strategy and candidate quality cost Republicans

On this episode, Ben sits down with Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) to discuss his frustrations with the direction of the current Republican leadership in Congress, as well as why he believes the Republicans had a disappointing midterm election. Congressman Roy explains what should be learned from them and why he thinks some establishment Republicans are taking the wrong lessons from them.

On this episode, Ben sits down with Editor-in-Chief of Tablet Magazine, Alana Newhouse, to discuss her writing on "Brokenism" and how she believes the COVID-19 pandemic shed a light on how many of the country's institutions and systems are fundamentally flawed. Alana shares her real-life experiences to explain how this has shaped her political ideology.

On this episode, Ben sits down with GOP pollster and Echelon Insights Founding Partner, Patrick Ruffini, to discuss what he believes are the many lessons learned from this year's midterm results, and what it says about where the country is headed entering the 2024 presidential election cycle. They look at the dynamics of why Republicans did not do well as many had hoped, what polling was right, what was wrong, and what trendlines show positive demographical movement for the GOP.

On this episode, Ben sits down with the long-time Advisor and Chief of Staff to former Vice President Mike Pence, Marc Short, who shares his perspective on the many factors that resulted in disappointing midterm results and what Republicans can learn.