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The Ben Domenech Podcast

Each week Ben Domenech offers his perspective on the latest news of the day. With a new episode available twice weekly, the program welcomes politicians, authors, musicians and journalists for engaging interviews that go beyond the day’s headlines.

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With a potential government shutdown looming on October 1st, Speaker Kevin McCarthy is looking to thread the needle to pass the necessary legislation to fund the government, while fending off a potential motion to vacate the Speaker's Chair by members of his own party.  This, all while Republicans have begun an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.  Ben is joined by FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram to break all that down and more. Chad gives the listener an insider's perspective on what is shaping up to be an eventful fall on Capitol Hill, along with some colorful history to put it all in perspective.

Ben sits down with a Justice Department Correspondent for the Washington Examiner and helps to lead the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s investigation into the Afghanistan withdrawal, Jerry Dunleavy. They discuss his new book, Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End, which reveals shocking new details about the botched withdrawal, including some of the baffling reasons as to why the Biden Administration was not prepared for a Taliban takeover.

With just hours to go until the 2023 NFL Season kicks off FOX Sports NFL Sideline Reporter Jennifer Hale gets you ready for all aspects of the upcoming football season.

Ben revisits a conversation with the now-candidate and former Vice President of The United States Mike Pence.

As the stakes continue to rise for GOP Presidential candidates following the first Republican Presidential Primary Debate, Ben is joined by Host of Tomi Lahren Is Fearless on Outkick, Tomi Lahren to discuss how the state of the race has changed. Plus, they discuss Tomi's meteoric rise in conservative media, how she has changes, and what she has learned over the years.

2024 GOP Presidential Candidate Will Hurd explains why, despite not yet meeting the FOX News GOP Debate requirements, he is the most qualified person for the job, and why he believes his message will break through.

As a newcomer to Washington, D.C., Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has faced critics in the press and left-wing circles, most recently for holding up the nomination of military officials, he sits down with Ben to address why.

Independent Journalist and Author Matt Taibbi discusses his beginnings in media, his role in the release of the Twitter Files, and outlines his frustrations with the current landscape of print and digital media. 

Ben sits down with FOX News Contributor & former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy for an in-depth analysis on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against the former President in federal court. Andy and Ben weigh in on how these federal charges will impact former President Trump’s spot as the leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

As the world's financial systems become increasingly digital in the 21st century, Ben sits down with Former Investment Banker and New York Times Best-selling Author Carol Roth to discuss her new book You Will Own Nothing: Your War with a New Financial World Order and How to Fight Back. They discuss how modern monetary theory went from a fringe economic hypothesis to the modus operandi of central banking in the 21st century.

Today, Ben is joined by Author and Commentator Christopher Rufo to discuss his new book, America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything. Chris sheds light on the hidden history of left-wing intellectuals and activists who systematically took control of America’s institutions to undermine them. He also outlines an agenda for how Republicans, from everyday citizens to donors can work to implement their values in the political system.

As former President Donald Trump continues to fend off attacks from former cabinet members, former Governor of Texas and Secretary of Energy under President Donald Trump Rick Perry weighs in on the work he has been doing on energy and sports gambling since leaving his post as Secretary. Plus, Governor Perry tells stories from his time in the Trump Administration, as well as lessons learned from a Bible study group organized by cabinet members.