Hunter Biden in Charge?!

As if our national security wasn’t already in bad shape with President Joe, reports indicate his felon son Hunter might be playing gatekeeper between pops and the outside world. 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

Some Democrats are furious that Joe Biden won’t drop out of the race for a second term but the rest of us are concerned that he’s still serving in the current! 

If Joe Biden isn’t cognitively sharp enough to run for re-election, he’s not sharp enough to be the president right now!

But it gets worse, according to an Axios report, former crack addict and current convicted felon Hunter Biden is his father’s “”de facto gatekeeper for longtime friends.”

Not only that, but Hunter has also reportedly been attending official White House meetings!

Talk about a national security risk! Hunter with his felony gun conviction and his foreign business dealings shouldn’t be ANYWHERE NEAR official White House meetings!

I didn’t vote for Joe Biden but NO ONE voted for Hunter, or Jill, or whomever is running the show over there outside of Biden’s waking hours of 10am-4pm!

What a nightmare!

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