Joe Won’t Go!

In a letter to concerned Democrats, Joe Biden made it clear, he is NOT stepping off the ticket without a fight!


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Sleepy Joe is white knuckling his presidency and re-election campaign and now the Democrat Party is in a real pickle!


President Joe wrote a letter- or someone around him did- essentially telling concerned fellow Democrats he is NOT leaving the ticket, he is NOT leaving the White House and any challenges to that premise would be an assault on democracy!


This straight up DEFIANCE from Joe- and likely Jill and Hunter- puts Democrats in a tight spot now, no doubt. 


They’ve gotta figure out how to make Joe go away quietly and he’s gonna kick and scream the whole way, maybe even bite. 


They’ll still do it. Democrats are cutthroat. They will get rid of him. 


It just became a whole lot messier of a process.


And when they finally duck and weave their way out of the Joe problem, they’ll be left to deal with the Kamala problem!


This mess couldn’t be happening to a more deserving political party!


Get the popcorn ready!


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