Wisconsin Greenlights Ballot Drop Box Expansion

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will allow for expanded use of ballot drop boxes ahead of the election. 

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The Badger State has become a competitive swing state and that’s why what I’m about to tell you is more than a little concerning. 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled officials can place ballot drop boxes around their communities ahead of the big election in November.

This ruling overturned a ruling from two years ago that limited drop box placement to local election clerks’ offices and mandated only the voter could return their ballot in person. 

Now they can be utilized in ANY location!

Such drop boxes have been a source of nationwide skepticism and controversy since their use in the 2020 election. 

ANYTIME you lose full custody of your ballot, there is risk. 

Wisconsin is an important swing state and will be a highly competitive battleground for both candidates and their down ballot respective parties.

I don’t like this ruling at all. 

WHY increase the risk of voter fraud?!

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