Rep. Chip Roy on the Internal Rumblings from Democrats on Replacing Biden: “They’re Panicking”

Congressman Chip Roy, representative for Texas’ 21st Congressional District, member of the House Judiciary, Rules, and Budget Committees, and Policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss Biden’s mental capabilities and the possibility of VP Harris invoking the 25th amendment. Rep. Roy calls on the Vice President to invoke the amendment ‘for the good of the country’. Rep. Roy and Benson also discuss the sudden turn from the left towards critiquing Biden’s health. Listen to the full interview below!

Full interview:

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Rep. Roy had this to say on the sudden turn against President Biden:

“It is really telling that our Democrat colleagues… are all of a sudden highlighting the infirmities of the president when it’s in their political interest to do so… They’re panicking… so now it’s ok to throw Biden under the bus and to question his mental fitness.”