President Biden Does Little To Curb Concerns In Critical Interview

President Biden sat down in an exclusive interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos where he reiterated his intentions to stay in the 2024 presidential race. The interview did little to stem concerns about the President’s age and mental acuity with more Democrats calling for him to drop out and for cognitive tests for both President Biden and former President Trump. On the other side of the aisle, President Trump is set to pick his running mate with only a week remaining until the Republican National Convention. Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL-19) joins the Rundown to share his reaction to President Biden’s interview, how foreign leaders are viewing his performance, and how he feels about being on a short-list for President Trump’s running mate.

As companies and governments across the globe attempt to harness the power of artificial intelligence, some are already using the powers for nefarious activities. It is estimated that sexual exploitation through the use of “deep fakes” has risen over 3000% since 2019. Hundreds of apps online have been made that allow users to take photos and virtually undress individuals without their consent. Deep fake victim Elliston Berry joins the Rundown to discuss how a fellow student used A.I. to threaten girls in her school, how social media companies were unwilling to help and what people can do to avoid being victimized. Later, her mother Anna McAdams joins to explain how Ted Cruz was pivotal in helping in the removal of the fake nude images of her daughter on the internet, and how his TAKE IT DOWN Act is seeking to regulate artificial intelligence.

Plus, commentary from co-author of ‘Stolen Youth’ Karol Markowicz.

(Image Via AP)