Arkansas Sues TEMU!

Arkansas sues Chinese-based discount website Temu for deceptive practices and data theft.

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Online discount shopping site “Temu” is like a digital wonderland of cheapness but that wonderland comes at a steep price, your data, privacy and more. 

That’s why Arkansas AG Tim Griffin is suing Chinese-based Temu parent company “PDD Holdings” for deceptive practices and data theft. 

AG Griffin claims the site is using spyware and malware on its app to not only extra your data, but all of your information. 

He alleges the site sells junk at rock bottom prices, not to make a profit, but rather as a means to an end and that end being, access to all of its customer’s information. 

Griffin also says Temu owner and operators are former Chinese communist party officials. 

Temu is the number one mobile app, so all of this is really concerning.

Similar to TikTok- another Chinese-owned app- the risk is NOT with the reward!

Delete Temu sooner than later! 

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