Sen. Rick Scott: Biden Doesn’t Have the Capacity to Function as President

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), Senate Homeland Security and Armed Services, joined the Guy Benson Show and guest host Harry Hurley to discuss the Donald Trump immunity case. The SCOTUS ruled on the case today, and former President Trump was ruled to have partial immunity while carrying out presidential duties. Sen. Scott and Hurley also discuss the latest on Biden’s mental acuity and his critics who calling on him to step down as the Democratic nominee. Listen to the full interview below.

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Sen. Scott had this to say on Biden’s ability to govern as President:

“I don’t think anybody watching that believes that Joe Biden has the capacity to function as the president of United States. Not today, not tomorrow, not next January 20th. So I think what every Democrat in the country needs to do is they need to say whether they believe in Joe Biden at the top of the ticket.”