Mary Katharine Ham on Last Night’s Debate: “It Was Uncomfortable From Second One”

Mary Katharine Ham, Fox News Contributor, Outkick Columnist, and co-author of End of Discussion, joined the Guy Benson Show today and shared her analysis of last night’s CNN Presidential Debate. MKH and Benson break down the reaction from the Democrat and Republican sides of the aisle and the chances that Biden could be removed as the nominee for the Democratic party. Listen to the full breakdown and interview below!

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MKH had this to say on Biden’s rough debate start:

“It was hard to watch. It was uncomfortable from second one. I think one of my big takeaways is that, to some extent, the worst part of Biden’s performance came in the first 25 minutes of the debate… people who are casual observers, people who are double haters, people who were uncomfortable watching, watched about 20 to 30 minutes of that debate, probably before they sort of drifted off and did other things and chores and whatnot. And, during those 25 minutes, he lost his train of thought and then ended with that weird non-sequitur about ‘we finally beat Medicare'”