Former Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain what former President Trump needs to do during Thursday night’s CNN Presidential Debate in order to be perceived as the winner over President Biden.

“This is not a debate. This is a time when they’re looking for sound bites for their ads that they’re going to run the rest of the year. And that’s what CNN is on board with. That is why it is so critical for Donald Trump to be able to go out there and really hold Biden accountable for what he’s done, for his administration. And I don’t mean in a nasty way. There are ways and debates for you to not only be the person who is debating, but also be the person who is exposing the true record. And that’s what Donald Trump has to do. Which is fine, because in this case, he doesn’t have to talk about his record. Everybody remembers that. The problem that we have right now is the mainstream media is hiding Biden’s record, and this is Donald Trump’s chance in front of millions of people to say, hey, you felt this. This is why. Hey, you’ve been afraid of this. This is why it all goes back to him. That’s what he’s going to have to do, and I believe he can pull it off.”

Jimmy and Tudor also talk about why the state of Biden’s economy is one of the top concerns for voters right now. To hear what else they discussed, check out the podcast!