Debate On Gender-Affirming Care Heads To The High Court

The Supreme Court announced that they will be taking up a case next term that will determine the legality of a state’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors. The ruling in the case, which originated in Tennessee, could determine whether or not there are constitutional protections for gender identity. Constitutional Law Professor and FOX News Contributor Jonathan Turley joins the Rundown to discuss the implications of the case, why he finds it interesting that the High Court decided to hear this case, and touches upon his new book, “The Indispensable Right.”

Thirty-five percent of people believe that tipping culture in the United States is out of control. However, for many in the service industry, tips are the main source of income. Former President Trump has spent the last few weeks floating the idea of making tips exempt from taxable income, which could prove to be an appealing pledge for working-class voters. On the podcast, Sean Kennedy, the executive vice president of public affairs at the National Restaurant Association, explained how this change would help workers in service and hospitality take home more money than they ever have before.

Plus, commentary by former Congressman Jason Chaffetz, host of “The Jason in the House Podcast.”

Photo Credit: AP