Tennessee Approves Death Penalty for Child Rapists!

Tennessee moves forward with the death penalty for convicted child rapists, as it should be!


I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 


My state of Tennessee has approved legislation to green light the death penalty for those convicted of child rape. 


Our Republican-led state legislature made it a point to advance this legislation to send a message to child predators, it will not be coddled in the Volunteer State. 


The law goes into effect July 1st, not a moment too soon!!


The great state of Florida and Governor DeSantis approved a similar bill almost a year ago. 


All red states should follow suit. 


If you are convicted of preying on children- the most innocent among us- your life should be on the line. 


California might protect and shield pedophiles and sexual predators, but that doesn’t fly in our red states!


Good for Tennessee!


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