From Washington: An Important Debate Awaits

The CNN presidential debate is just days away, and with President Biden and former President Trump continuously going head-to head in the polls, how much impact could their performances have when they go head-to-head on a debate stage? Republican Strategist Colin Reed & Democratic Strategist Richard Fowler have a panel discussion about how much weight early polling data has in an election cycle, what they believe the presidential candidates are doing to prep, and how much of an impact this debate could have on where Americans will place their vote come November.

Chaos continues in Congress, as more personal-driven disputes between House members make national news. In states such as Virginia and New York, incumbent legislators face challenges with earning Americans’ votes in their respective primaries that are just as much about personality as policy. FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram provides an in-depth analysis of the current political landscape in the halls of Congress.