From Washington: Decisions Descending from the High Court

Arguably one of the most significant Supreme Court opinions is expected next week. The high court will decide whether or not former President Donald Trump is immune from criminal charges based on official acts as president he made concerning January 6th. However, an appeals court ruled earlier this year that he is not entitled to such protections. Former Justice Department Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree previews the decision and breaks down several other opinions from earlier this week. 

On Tuesday, President Biden signed an Executive Order that will impact migrants who are already in the country. The policy provides protections for the undocumented spouses and children of American citizens who’ve been here for at least ten years. The rules are expected to impact roughly half a million migrants, leaving many critics worried that it will only worsen the problems at the Southern border. Retired Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Victor Avila discusses the reality of how the new order will impact current citizenship processes and explains how the ongoing immigration crisis is posing a threat to our national security.