The “Cheap Fake” GASLIGHT

Democrats and Leftist media hacks are STILL pushing the “cheap fake” gaslight to protect Joe Biden. 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

“Cheap fakes, deep fakes, misinformation, disinformation.”

All week Democrats and Biden apologists in the media have been doing their darndest to convince us what we are seeing and hearing from Joe isn’t real. 

Well, the “cheap fake” narrative they’ve concocted is going to backfire. 

By making such a hissy fit about the videos, they are actually encouraging more Americans to watch the videos which, from any angle or vantage point, makes the president look like a decrepit, senile shell who needs his Obama Visiting Angel to function!

And worse than that are the so-called journalistic publications trying to distract from Joe by claiming Trump is actually the one struggling!

No one is buying it! 

Truly these folks hate that they have to defend Joe. They don’t want him as their candidate and these attempts to gaslight voters are pathetic! 

If you need an example of “cheap fakes,” just listen to them!

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