Marc Thiessen: For Trump To Win the Debates, He Needs to “Pivot Really Quickly” From Questions on 2020, January 6th

Marc Thiessen, columnist at The Washington Post, Fox News contributor, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, & co-host of the podcast ‘What the hell is going on: Making sense of the world”, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the CNN Presidential Debate happening next week. Thiessen and Benson discuss the amount of prep that goes into presidential debates and the likely strategies that both candidates will take in preparing for the debates. Listen to the full interview and podcast below!

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Thiessen had this to say on the upcoming presidential debates:

“Look, if this if this election and this debate is a referendum on Joe Biden, Biden loses. If this election and this debate is a referendum on Donald Trump, Trump loses. He’s got to make it about him. It’s got to make it about the disasters that have been unleashed on the country.”