Business Rundown: First Presidential Debate To Pit “Bidenomics” Against “MAGAnomics”

President Biden and former President Trump will face off next week in the first presidential debate of 2024. The latest FOX News Poll in June tells us voters say that the state of the economy is among the top two most important issues to them as they weigh their choice of candidates. 

The White House has been pushing an economic message for months that they’ve branded “Bidenomics.” Their critics point to the rising national debt being exacerbated by expensive policies like student loan forgiveness. What’s the impact of the national debt, and who ends up footing the bill?

Co-anchor of The Big Money Show, Taylor Riggs, is joined by FOX Business’ White House correspondent Edward Lawrence to discuss the state of the economy one week out from the first presidential debate of 2024 and what voters will be listening for from each candidate.