“We Deserve Safe Airlines”: Boeing Taken To Task On Capitol Hill

This week, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun testified before the Senate about alleged negligence within the company that led to deadly plane crashes in 2018 and 2019. The families of the victims are now seeking a $25 billion fine for the accidents after they say the company breached the terms of their agreement, which has allowed them to avoid criminal charges for the fatal crashes. The families have called Boeing’s actions the “deadliest corporate crime in US history.” Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) joins the Rundown to discuss the testimony of Dave Calhoun, what measures he wants to see employed to ensure the safety of airline passengers, and why he believes criminal penalties should not be taken off the table in the case of fatal crashes.

Over the past seven weeks, the NASDAQ has consistently closed at record highs, and the S&P 500 reached a new high at the end of trading on Tuesday. However, issues like credit card debt and inflation are still affecting the economy ahead of the election. Jonathan Hoenig, the founder of The Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund and a FOX News contributor, discusses how AI is influencing the stock market boom and breaks down the current state of the economy.

Plus, commentary by Brian Kilmeade, Host of One Nation with Brian Kilmeade and The Brian Kilmeade Show.

Photo Credit: AP