Shannon Bream Joins the Show and Gives a SCOTUS Update, Her Thoughts on Trump’s VP Candidates, and MORE!

Shannon Bream, chief legal correspondent, Anchor of Fox News Sunday, Host of the hit podcast “Livin the Bream”, and bestselling author of her latest book, THE LOVE STORIES OF THE BIBLE SPEAK: BIBLICAL LESSONS ON ROMANCE, FRIENDSHIP, AND FAITH, joined guest host Joe Concha on the Guy Benson Show today to give us updates on upcoming SCOTUS decisions that may happen later this week. Shannon Bream and Joe Concha also previewed 2024 and Donald Trump’s potential running mates. Listen to the full interview below!

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Bream had this to say on upcoming Trump immunity trial:

“The Supreme Court gives the opinions when they’re ready. I would guess immunity comes next week. Just an educated guess. But depending on what they decide, neither side is going to be fully happy because the one side argued immunity for everything you could ever do possible when you’re president, and the other side argued, nope, no immunity, you are completely exposed. And I think anyone who’s commander in chief that goes far beyond President Trump, you got to make difficult decisions. People get killed. There are drone strikes. And I think any president has to believe. Listen, there’s some form of immunity, not for all kinds of, you know, arguably sketchy kind of stuff, but there has to be some protection for a president who’s got to make the most difficult decisions in the world.”