Mike Rowe joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his new movie “Something To Stand For” which takes viewers to the front lines of the American Revolution, World War II, the Civil Rights movement and more. Rowe feels as we get closer to Independence Day, rather than having a left vs right conversation, it would be more useful to talk about American vs anti-American. Rowe said “Something To Stand For” was not made for anti-Americans, it was made because of them. Rowe also spoke about the protests across the country, which he calls a temper tantrum. Rowe, addressing the violent protestors who wear masks and vandalize, said, “If you are protesting with a mask on, then it is incumbent on you to explain how you are any different from a Klansman.”

Rowe sounded the alarm on the lack of skilled workers in America and believes this is a matter of national security. Rowe pointed out that for every five trades people who retire, only two people replace them, and this has been going on for 18 years. Rowe added that you can’t find a single major corporation today who relies to some degree on skilled labor, who isn’t struggling to hire. Rowe also weighed in on the devastating impact people like Dr Fauci and others had on Americans because of the pandemic. Rowe said we are in a collective state of PTSD to the point where we don’t want to hear about it because it’s too unpleasant to think about what we went through, and how we were pushed into it. When asked about Mark Cuban saying he would never vote for any presidential candidate that denies global warming and John Kerry saying we have very little time left, Rowe said every doomsayer has been wrong and that six years ago we were told we have twelve years left and nobody has gotten it right.

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