Evening Edition: A Dangerous Axis Forming, Russia & North Korea Formalize Military Partnership

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to North Korea to meet with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, where the two signed a comprehensive strategic partnership.

This formalized alliance has a provision that Russia and North Korea “provide mutual assistance” if facing aggression. While their war on Ukraine has alienated Russia from the West, Putin has found a willing partner in Kim Jong Un to get ammunition and supplies for his war. Their latest pact is a concern for South Korea and the United States, as North Korea has long had goals for a robust nuclear weapons program.

Dr. Rebecca Grant is a national security analyst and a Vice President at the Lexington Institute. She joins FOX’s John Saucier to explain the repercussions of this dangerous new axis forming among many of the West’s most dangerous and desperate adversaries.

Photo Credit: Sputnik Kremlin