Majority of Hispanics Support MASS DEPORTATION!

The majority of HISPANICS in the US are in favor of the mass deportation of illegal immigrants!

Holy cow! 

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New polling by CBS News/YouGov shows that even a majority of Hispanics in the United States SUPPORT the mass deportation of those here illegally.

In fact 53% surveyed are in favor of mass deportations and 50% even support the federal government holding said illegal immigrants in detention centers prior to removal.

And there’s more, if a mass deportation action were to be carried out, 57% of Hispanics support local law enforcement cooperation to identify those targeted for removal. 

These numbers are shocking but also indicative of how far the Democrats have gone and overplayed their hand on illegal immigration and open border policies! 

Americans and LEGAL immigrants have had enough of this. Why would ANYONE come into our country the right way when there’s so much reward and so little risk to doing it the WRONG WAY?!

The pendulum is swinging and the Democrats are not gonna like the result come November! 

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