President Biden’s G7 Performance & Terror Threats At The Southern Border

This past week President Biden travelled to Italy for the G7 Summit, where he pledged $50 billion in new aid to Ukraine that is backed by seized Russian assets. Over the weekend peace talks were held in Switzerland, where notably Russia was not invited, after President Vladimir Putin proposed his own peace plan that involved Ukraine ceding all land occupied by Russia. Meanwhile, at the border with Mexico, migrants continue to enter the nation with eight people from Tajikistan with ties to ISIS being arrested last week. Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Turner (R-OH-10) joins the Rundown to share his thoughts on the President’s performance in Europe, his assessment of the terror threats at the border, and what he thinks of Russian ships docking in Havana, Cuba.

On Friday, Pope Francis became the first to address a G7 Summit of world leaders. He used the occasion to talk about the perils and promises of artificial intelligence and why he worries about how the technology could be used in future wars. Pope Francis is far from the only person concerned about where AI is going. Some experts warn if we don’t control the technology, it could even lead to human extinction. But Jamie Metzl, who served in the National Security Council during the Clinton administration, says in his new book, “Superconvergence”, why he’s cautiously optimistic about AI and how it has the potential to help humanity thrive. Metzl, joins the Rundown to discuss how he believes AI can change our world for the better and how our species can avoid its pitfalls.

Plus, commentary from Host of Tomi Lahren is Fearless on Outkick, Tomi Lahren.

(Image Via AP)