Hollywood Fundraiser/Silver Alert for Joe!

Joe Biden attended a celeb-filled Hollywood fundraiser while Donald Trump held a roundtable at a black church in Detroit. 

Pick your player, America. 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

A tale of two presidents. 

One attended a swanky celeb-filled Hollywood fundraiser and had to be corralled off the stage by Obama, the other went to a black church in Detroit and moved freely around the room all by himself!

Joe’s campaign raised about 30 million bucks but their candidate didn’t seem to know who or where he was. A typical Saturday for Joe. 

Beyond the obvious tone deafness of the celeb-filled event in Hollywood,

Joe seemingly had another senior moment on stage and had to be escorted off by Obama. 

But on the flip side, Donald Trump hosted a roundtable discussion with black voters at a church in Detroit. One pastor praised Trump for coming to the “hood,” something Obama didn’t even do.

It’s about showing up and giving a darn. Trump does both. 

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