Open Border Ripe for Terrorists

Illegal aliens with links to ISIS were caught roaming sanctuary cities. 

Feeling safe with that open border yet? 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

This week, thanks to the relentless work of ICE agents and the FBI, 8 illegal immigrants linked to ISIS were arrested in New York, LA and Philadelphia. 

All 8 men hail from Tajikistan and all came through our southern border illegally this year. 

But Biden’s DHS says they were “vetted” and allowed to remain in our country. But upon further investigation, it was uncovered they have ties to ISIS. 

That’s the exact reason why we shouldn’t be letting these people into our country at all. Why are we a charity case for the rest of the world and put our own citizens at risk? This is beyond self sabotage, this is treason.

You’ll notice these possible terrorists went to sanctuary cities but despite that fact, the voters in those deep blue sanctuary cities will still undoubtedly vote Democrat!

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