Trump Supporters Care More About Marriage and Family than Biden Supporters!

Trump supporters are way more likely to view family and marriage as important to society than Biden supporters. 


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According to a new Pew Research survey on “Cultural Issues and the 2024 Election,” Trump supporters are a whopping 3x more likely than Biden supporters to believe that family and marriage are important to society. 

And when it comes to the trend of low birth rates which declined across all racial and ethnic groups in 2023 the lowest single year since 1979, Trump supporters were more than twice as likely to view this as a bad thing! 

These findings are not surprising, but they are telling. 

Biden supporters don’t seem to be as concerned with maintaining the family unit or traditional family values. 

I would argue the LACK of those norms and values has led to the decline of American culture and society. 

It’s troubling that there is a partisan divide when it comes to prioritizing marriage and family values, but it’s even more reason to vote Republican in November! 

Make FAMILY Great Again!

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