Loud Aircraft Noise Is New Excuse for Obesity

Loud aircraft noise exposure is now an excuse for obesity. 

Excuses, excuses, and more excuses!

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It seems like we get a new excuse for obesity on a weekly basis and the narrative has become, if you’re fat it couldn’t possibly be your fault. 

But a new study has birthed yet another excuse, aircraft noise exposure. 

According to a study conducted by researchers at Boston and Oregon State Universities and published in the Environment International paper, 

Regular exposure to loud aircraft noise could be linked to obesity. 

The research found that nurses living near airports who endured noise 45 decibels or higher were 5% more likely to be obese. And with louder noise, the likelihood increased to 11%. 

Interesting research but sorry, this is quite the stretch. 

Loud noise isn’t fun and it might cause a person to sleep poorly but it doesn’t make a person eat like crap or refuse to exercise!

Enough with the excuses. Time for personal responsibility!

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