Hunter Biden Conviction is Smoke and Mirrors!

The Hunter Biden gun conviction is just, but it’s also a distraction, a deflection and a giant red herring.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

The president’s son Hunter was convicted of all 3 felonies in his federal gun trial and while justice was indeed served here and the evidence was pretty black and white, this is STILL a victory for the Bidens, for the Left, and for the mainstream media, and I’ll tell you why. 

The gun charges were the lowest hanging fruit. The easiest and cleanest way to “go after a Biden” without really going after a Biden, at least in any significant way. 

These gun charges are serious, but the gun case is really the only part of Hunter’s crime spree that does not touch the Big Guy!

BUT what it does serve to do, is give the APPEARANCE that the DOJ is fair and no one is above the law. 

This guilty verdict is just and I commend the jury, but it’s really more of a gift to the Left than an acquittal. 

Don’t be fooled and don’t be duped. It’s a big fat red herring! 

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