Top Canadian Cancer Charity Apologizes for Non Trans-Friendly Language

A top cancer charity out of Canada apologizes for using the word “cervix” instead of trans-friendly “front hole.”

Folks, now I think I’ve heard it all. 

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It seems Canada is trying to out-Woke itself with this one. 

Brace yourselves. 

The Canadian Cancer Society has APOLOGIZED for using the word “cervix” instead of trans-friendly “front hole.”

In a statement from the nonprofit’s website, The Canadian Cancer Society lamented their mistake and acknowledged that non-binary people have mixed feelings or maybe feel distanced from the term cervix and may prefer more inclusive terms like “front hole.”

The statement also bizarrely claimed that men can have those body parts too, which, outside of a very very small minority of folks born intersex-  is a biological lie!

Once again, the woke Leftists are trying to erase women, our body parts, and everything that makes us scientifically unique in an effort to appease and affirm an extreme faction of the LGBTQ community. 

Where does it end?!

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