Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the fentanyl crisis hitting Alaska and how the Sinaloa Cartel is a key factor in it. Sullivan says even though Alaska is 4,000 miles away from the border the Sinaloa Cartel is dealing fentanyl in our Alaska-Native villages as a result of the open borders. Sullivan explained his initiative he launched three weeks ago with Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy called the One Pill Can Kill campaign, to warn Alaskans, especially the youth how even a legal drug can have a lethal dose of fentanyl. Sullivan also spoke about the need for the United States to work with Israel to destroy Hamas the way that we destroyed ISIS and al-Qaida.

Sullivan, who is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, stressed the need to address the Navy’s shipbuilding crisis. Sullivan says that the Biden administration has proposed inflation adjusted cuts to our military, undermining readiness, especially concerning with China potentially ready to invade Taiwan. Sullivan is worried that by 2027 the Chinese navy will be up to 400 ships to our 280. While we have better ships, Sullivan warns at a certain point, particularly in the Navy, quantity becomes its own quality, and we are overmatched in that region.
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