Retired NYPD inspector Paul Mauro joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to give his take on first son Hunter Biden getting convicted by a Delaware jury of three counts related to his purchase of a firearm in 2018.

“One of the crimes it goes to potentially is the fact that he lied to Congress. Remember, they got him on record. This is why these congressional things matter. People say, ah, it doesn’t matter. You know, they’re just going to go there and they’re going to talk. That’s true. But you get them under oath, and you get them in there. So now technically you know, it’s been referred to DOJ. And DOJ is probably going to do squat with it, especially before the election. But you know, at some point here it could matter because under oath, he appears to have committed perjury to Congress in lying about stuff that the laptop is going to directly contradict. And so you now have a situation where if you can get him into court again, you’re going to be able to demonstrate all of that stuff, and you’ve got much bigger problems than this B.S. gun charge because, realistically, it’s you know, this is not really a jailable offense. I’d be shocked. The only thing is, is, you know, he did play these games with the judge. And she may take it personally, but she’s pretty professional. You know, she’s no Judge Merchan. Let’s put it that way. I suspect that he’s not looking at a a jail sentence.”

Paul and Jimmy also talk about the likelihood of President Biden pardoning his son. Listen to the podcast to hear what else the discussed!