Lux LA High Rise for the Homeless?

LA taxpayers are funding a new high-rise homeless shelter with skyline views, a gym, and cafe!

Wow, that outta solve the crisis! 

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Never underestimate California’s ability to WASTE tax dollars. 

After a state audit found that $20 billion pumped into the homeless crisis was essentially wasted, LA decided to take another bite of the apple with this latest venture. 

A taxpayer funded high rise for the homeless featuring a gym, a cafe, and skyline views!

The 19-story tower has 228 studios and 50 1-bedroom apartments located in a $165 million dollar complex packed with amenities right in the heart of Skid Row. 

This is being funded through Prop HHH which was approved by city voters in 2016. State housing funds as well as $56 million in state tax credits will also be utilized. 

There’s a reason we call it the “Homeless Industrial Complex.”

This only incentives homelessness at the expense of taxpayers. 

You’d think voters would understand this by now…but nope! 

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