NY Dem Candidate Suggests “Re-Education” of MAGA Supporters

A New York Democrat candidate floated the idea of “re-education camps” for MAGA supporters.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well but those impacted don’t just hate Donald Trump, they hate his supporters as well. 

Look no further than the Democrat candidate for New York’s 21st congressional district, Paula Collins.

Collins is a cannabis tax attorney and is hoping to unseat Republican Rep Elisa Stefanik.

During a zoom town hall event, she suggested that even if there is a resounding blue wave in November, there may still be a need for “re-education” of MAGA voters. 

After floating the idea of a “re-education camp,” she admitted that it probably wasn’t best to call it that and thought it a good idea to find another way to phrase it. 

Hmm. Really? 

Collins said the quiet part out loud. She is clearly a Trump deranged, bitter, and intolerant Liberal Democrat who believes her fellow Americans who happen to vote and think differently need to be “re-educated.”

Take a look at New York. If ANYONE needs to be “re-educated” it’s the Democrats who keep voting to destroy their own state! 

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