Gov. Glenn Youngkin on the Pentagon Solar Panel Push: “(Secretary Austin) Needs to Revisit This Completely”

Gov. Glenn Youngkin,Governor of Virginia, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss a bevy of topics, including Governor Youngkin’s penned letter to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin about the plan to install solar panels on top of the Pentagon. The plan could cause, according to Youngkin, unintended breaches to national security via the CCP. Youngkin and Benson also discussed the alleged attempted breach of the military installation in Quantico, Virginia by two illegal Jordanian nationals. Finally, Guy asked Gov. Youngkin about the Caitlin Clark drama and her snub from the US Women’s Olympic Team. Listen to the full interview below!


Listen to the full Interview at the top of the show below:


Gov. Youngkin had this to say on Caitlin Clark’s olympic snub:

“Caitlin Clark is changing women’s basketball. And this is not a knock against any of the other members of that team that have been selected; they’re all spectacular. But she should have a space on that team, primarily because of what she’s doing for women’s basketball, but also because she’s awesome.”

Youngkin also had this to say on the latest on the mandate for solar panels to be installed at the Pentagon:

“80% of solar panels are manufactured by Chinese companies. And here we are going to going to mandate that Chinese solar panels or solar panels that most likely have Chinese parts in them, if not made in China, are going to go on the Pentagon. It just defies logic. And so I made sure that that Secretary Austin fully understood that he needs to revisit this completely. And if they are going to continue to press forward, they should include a mandatory Buy America for this kind of effort.”