From The Battlefield To The Boardroom

“If I can’t go through the front door, I’m going to go around the back. If the back door’s locked, I’m going to go through a window. And if that is locked, let’s just go on top of the roof and just remove the roof and go through it. That’s how I see life.”


Growing up as the youngest of 12 children, becoming pregnancy at 15, and being raped at 17, Dr. Sonja Stribling became a fighter at an incredibly young age. However, following her 21 years of service in Iraq and a painful divorce, Dr. Sonja Stribling felt the strain from years of trauma and fresh PTSD building to an unbearable amount — regardless of how much fight she had. She had two options: let it consume her or lead her to do good. She chose the latter.


Dr. Sonya Stribling’s book, From The Battlefield to The Boardroom is available now!

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