CA Fast Food Hike Leaves Thousands Unemployed!

Nearly 10,000 fast food workers are out of a job thanks to California’s wage hike. 

Way to go, Gavin! 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

In today’s edition of “No Duh News,” according to The California Business and Industrial Alliance, nearly 10,000 jobs have been cut across fast food restaurants since Governor Newsom signed AB1228 into law last year.

Democrats across California, including the Dumpster Fire Overlord Gavin Newsom, hailed the $20 minimum wage hike for fast food workers as a win for income equality and quality of life, but looks like they were WRONG as usual. 

What good is a so-called “livable wage” hike if it leads to thousands being laid off entirely? 

Not only do these artificial wage bumps forced by government fiat lead to lost jobs, they also contribute to expenses being passed off on the consumer! 

Everything the government meddles with in the private sector seems to backfire and backfire most on the people the government intended to help. 

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