Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joins Fox Across America With guest host Paul Gleiser to give his take on how the Biden administration and Democratic leaders are largely responsible for the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. southern border.

“Look, I mean, I think that you need to hold elected officials accountable. And what I mean by that is the next president, next attorney general, you know, under the U.S. code, anybody that provides aid and comfort to people that are entering the country who are breaking immigration laws can be prosecuted. And so the big question is, is why aren’t mayors or governors or anyone that are offering, you know, gift cards and free hotel rooms and, providing essentially aid and comfort to people breaking the law, why aren’t they held accountable? And that way that will discourage or it will stop cities and these states from, you know, becoming sanctuary states or sanctuary cities. And the law is there. In fact, there was a case just last year at the U.S. Supreme Court, Hanson, where the US Supreme Court upheld that law. It was challenged. The Ninth Circuit was overturned again. But basically the Supreme Court said, yeah, you can prosecute people that, aid and abet and solicit illegal immigration. And I believe that there’s an argument to be made that under federal law, anybody that provides financial benefits, either free hotel rooms or visa cards. Yeah. hear me, Mayor Adams and you know, other people on the East Coast cities, city of Chicago, that you should be prosecuted under federal law. And I think once again, once you start giving people less benefits or denying them public benefits, then I think you’re going to see people either leaving or they’re not going to want to come in.”

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