Co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend” Pete Hegseth joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about his new book, The War on Warriors: Behind the Betrayal of the Men Who Keep Us Free.

“The challenge in the military is that it’s a top down organization. So if the top says we’re still doing CRT and D.E.I and trans stuff and, and electric tanks, then the subordinates are doing it. And if you don’t want to do it, then you get fired or you don’t get promoted. So it does take a new commander in chief, but the ranks are ready for it. They are. I spent my Saturdays, you know, I host the weekend show and I live in Tennessee, so I’m stuck here on Saturdays. And I spent weeks and weeks with hours and hours on the phone with dozens and dozens of actively serving folks to write this book. I didn’t want it to be my own opinion. So, Pete, thanks, this is what I see. They all said the same thing. They said, no one believes it. They don’t buy it. They don’t want to take part in it. But there’s a  noisy ideological minority and then powerful brass at the top who insist on it. I mean, I had guys, so many guys tell me they don’t give a damn if our gunnery tables are correct or if all of our soldiers are qualified on their assigned weapons. That doesn’t matter anymore. But if you have a guy that’s missing out on his gender training or trans training, that is emergency land. Like, Lieutenant, where is your sexual harassment training and your trans training and your D.E.I training? That’s the most important thing inside units, because that’s what will get a commander fired because they’re walking on eggshells. It’s all politically correct. So the other training happens. But it’s a second priority to the woke crap.”

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