LIVE FROM THE RONALD REAGAN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY: Ken Khachigian, Chief Speechwriter to Ronald Reagan

Ken Khachigian, political consultant, longtime aide to President Richard Nixon, and chief speechwriter to Ronald Reagan, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss his experience within the Reagan and Nixon administrations. Khachigian shares stories detailing his time as Reagan’s speechwriter, including Reagan’s practices for delivering such powerful speeches. Listen to the full interview below!

Full Interview:

Khachigian had this to say on Reagan’s speech writing process:

“He used to tell me, he said, look, Ken, in Hollywood, I was not known as a good script writer, but I was known as a good script doctor. And so he worked on some scripts himself… So when he wanted to have his own views on a speech, he made it very clear what he wanted to do. So whether it was me, whether it was, National Security Council, whether it was the State Department, he made it very clear.”