Illegal Immigrant Accused of Shooting to NYPD Officers

An illegal immigrant from Venezuela is accused of shooting two NYPD officers. 

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A Venezuelan illegal immigrant is accused of shooting two NYPD officers in the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning. 

Officers Abreu and Yarusso were allegedly shot by 19-year-old illegal Bernardo Castro Mata  after spotting him driving the wrong way down a street. 

Thank goodness both brave officers will be okay. 

But as for the illegal, well it’s being reported that he entered the US illegally last year and is currently residing at a migrant shelter. 

Police say he is also suspected of roughing up two innocent women- one of whom was punched in the face- during a snatch-and-grab robbery days ago. 

Police also say the illegal may also be linked to a migrant moped robbery-crew that’s been terrorizing the city for months. 

Thugs, felons, rapists, illegal immigrants sit above the law and below it, well there’s Donald Trump!

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