Surviving Sex Trafficking: The Strength Of Megan Conner

On the outside, Megan Conner seemed like a happy and typical child growing up. But behind the facade of normalcy, Megan was silently living as a victim of sex trafficking. Due to suppressive systems and strained familial relationships, Megan was silenced and long suffered from the trauma of a crime. Now, built a fulfilling life from the ashes of her past, but she walked through fire to get here.

Author and Founder of Third Verse Megan Conner details how she found the light and came out of her dark situation a victor. Later, she exposes the devastating realities of trafficking and explains how she was able to break generational cycles of abuse.

Megan now uses her voice to help others navigate their life journeys with her coaching program, Third Verse. In her book, I Walked Through Fire To Get Here, Megan details her healing journey as a survivor of sex trafficking.

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