Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss President Biden’s decision to take executive action on securing the southern border.

“What they’re going to say is that we’ve secured the border in a painstaking matter, and now there’s some additional adjustments we’re going to need to make, because we want to make sure that the American people are protected. Just such nonsense. They’re going to say something like that to try to spin it. The reality is, is that they broke the border on purpose, and they know it was broken and they did not fix it because they’re radicals. They are out of control. I want America to really understand this. If any normal human being, if something is broken, your natural inclination is to fix it. If you know something is broken and you don’t fix it, then the rational person says, well, either, A, you don’t want it working anyway because you would’ve fixed it already, or B, you broke it on purpose, or C, you’re not fixing it on purpose. All apply to Joe Biden. The only reason they’re doing this executive order on the border, which, by the way, I did tell the leadership a couple months ago this was going to happen sometime in the summer. Stay tuned. So I digress. The reason they’re doing this is because his poll numbers suck. Because everybody wants the border secure. Not just Republicans, everybody,. Not just Texas. New York wants the border secure, too. And so it’s a problem for everybody. And that’s why they are forced to do this five months before a presidential election. And even then they couldn’t get it right.”

Jimmy and Rep. Donalds also talk about how Biden and the Democrats are jumping at the opportunity to label former President Trump as a convicted felon. Listen to the podcast to hear what else they discussed!