Morgan Ortagus on Biden’s Incompetence and Failure to Deter International Violence: “It’s Really Not Funny Anymore. It’s Causing Wars.”

Morgan Ortagus, former spokesperson for the United States Department of state and founder of Polaris national security, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the politics coming from Team Biden surrounding Israel and their defense against Hamas and Hezbollah in Israel. Benson and Ortagus discuss the ceasefire deal rejected by Hamas today in Israel and the difference between US coverage of the war and Israeli coverage of the war. Ortagus also discusses her interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu in the full interview below.

Listen to the full interview:

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Ortagus had this to say on Biden’s failure to deescalate and end wars:

“And so this is why failed leadership, from our president matters. It’s why our president, you know, failing at deterrence matters because it starts in bigger wars that we end up getting involved in and have to clean up the mess. And that’s why when everyone sort of jokes about, you know, Biden like not having his wits together, falling asleep in meetings, I’m like, you know what, guys? It’s really actually not funny anymore. It’s causing wars.”