China Bans “Wealth Flaunting” on Social Media

China is cracking down on “wealth flaunting” social media behavior.

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China might have birthed the mind virus known as TikTok, but when it comes to the communist’s control on their own social media, freedom of expression isn’t a thing. 

Last month the China’s Cyberspace Administration, the national internet regulator, introduced a campaign to restrict influencers who  “create a ‘wealth-flaunting’ persona, deliberately showcasing a luxurious life built on money, in order to attract followers and traffic.”

The crackdown has begun with several influencers on the Chinese version of TikTok reporting restrictions to their accounts and followers after their brazen “wealth flaunting” on the app. 

I’m not a fan of wealth flaunting on social media, but it’s worth noting that while TikTok is fighting an American ban on the grounds of free speech, the company’s home country HEAVILY censors and restricts its own people on that VERY SAME APP!

Ironic, isn’t it? 

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