Extra: ‘The True Story Of A Mother At War’

Nearly one month after then-President Donald Trump announced he was pulling troops out of Syria, Navy Cryptologist Shannon Kent was one of several American soldiers killed in the 2019 suicide bombing in Manbij, Syria.

Shannon left behind a loving husband, Joe Kent, an Army veteran, and two children.

Now, several years later, Kent co-wrote a new book called Send Me: The True Story of a Mother at War about Shannon’s love for the military, her country, and her family.

Joe Kent joined the host Chris Foster on the FOX News Rundown’s Memorial Day episode to discuss the book and his late wife’s legacy.

Joe told some incredible stories about her life and how his family is still coping with her death.

The segment that aired this on Memorial Day only included a small portion of the interview.

On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear more of our conversation with Joe Kent and learn even more about Shannon and the sacrifices she made for America.