Illegal Immigrants Driving up NYC Hotel Costs

To add insult to injury, illegal immigrants are driving up the cost of hotel accommodations in New York City!


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Illegal immigration is bankrupting many American cities, particularly the sanctuary ones like New York City. 


Here’s just another example!


Illegals are driving up the cost of hotel rooms in New York City. 


Inflation is part of it but another big part is attributed to the thousands of free-loading illegal immigrants who are squatting in taxpayer funded and often luxury hotel accommodations. 


Rooms are now averaging over $300 a night and if you’ve been to New York City, you know that doesn’t get you much. 


Part of what’s driving the supply and demand issue is that dozens of hotels have been converted into migrant shelters. 


This is costing New York taxpayers an arm and a leg but I don’t actually feel that bad for y’all because you keep voting for this. 


I DO feel badly for the tourists who are coming to the Big Apple and can’t afford  a decent hotel room due to the jacked up rates!


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